Network Services

Data and Telecoms Cabling Installation

More and more there is a need to move data between devices either for pleasure or business. Distributing internet access, file sharing, media streaming and networking PC’s, Servers, printers and NAS devices are all common requirements. Setting up a home or a small business network can seem daunting, how to interconnect devices, hard-wired or wireless? What equipment do you need? Then there is the question of securing your network once it is up.

AOS offer a complete installation service encompassing the installation of the network, wired or wireless, and setup and support of devices on the network backed by Microsoft System Administrator training.

Smart Home automation integration using Alexa, Hive and Nest amongst others.

Do you have a wireless network but not all the devices work where you want them to? Overcoming Wireless black-spots and networking using your existing mains circuit are all possible. As a reseller of Solwise Ltd networking products we use the latest technologies to overcome any networking issue at affordable prices.

TV & satellite

With more TV’s in the home there is a ever greater need for more aerial or satellite outlets.

AOS can advise, extend and set-up your TV & satellite distribution needs.


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